Software Design X-Rays: The Exercise URLs

December 2017

This document is intended for all readers of Software Design X-Rays -- Fix Technical Debt with Behavioral Code Analysis who purchased the print version. Instead of having to type out all URLs to the exercises, this document lists all the exercise URLs by chapter. Note that hints and solutions are given in Appendix 4 in the book.

Chapter 2: Identify Code with High Interest Rates

  1. Find Refactoring Candidates in Docker
  2. Follow Up on Improvements to Rails

Chapter 3: Coupling in Time -- A Heuristic for the Concept of Surprise

  1. Learn from the Change Patterns in a Codebase
  2. Detect Omissions with Internal Change Coupling
  3. Kill the Clones

Chapter 5: The Principles of Code Age

  1. Cores All the Way Down

Chapter 6: Spot Your System's Tipping Point

  1. Prioritize Hotspots in CPU Architectures
  2. Get a Quick Win
  3. Supervise Your Unit Test Practices

Chapter 8: Toward Modular Monoliths through the Social View of Code

  1. Detect components across layers
  2. Investigate change patterns in component based codebases

Chapter 9: Systems of Systems: Analyzing Multiple Repositories and Microservices

  1. Support Code Reading and Change Planning
  2. Combine Technical and Social Views to Identify Communities
  3. Analyze Your Infrastructure

Chapter 10: An Extra Team Member -- Predictive and Proactive Analyses

  1. Early Warnings in Legacy Code
  2. Find the Experts
  3. Offboarding: What If? (Clojure) and Offboarding: What If? (Git)