Source code

This page contains the full source code from my articles and open-source adventures. Enjoy!

CodeMaat: The history of our code predicts its future

Code Maat is an open-source command line tool used to mine and analyze data from version-control systems (VCS).

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tinch++: Distributed Erlang nodes in C++

tinch++ is a platform independent, open-source library for building distributed Erlang nodes in C++. Distributed Erlang nodes provide a high-level model for integrating other languages with Erlang programs. With tinch++, your C++ code will be able to communicate with Erlang processes by means of message passing. To the Erlang processes, your C++ node will look and behave like any Erlang node. tinch++ is available here .

Lisp for the Web

Lisp for the Web is a case study in developing a three-tier web application using Common Lisp. The article will be published in the 2008 April issue of C Vu and I'll make it available in HTML here...soon. The code for the developed application (Retro Games) is available here.

Objects for States

Originally captured in Design Patterns, Objects for States is described in close conjunction with the Singleton pattern. This article explaina why this is an unfortunate combination and investigate better alternatives for implementing the pattern in C++.

Objects for States (pdf, 116 kb).

Download the full source code here (zip, 17 kb).

Patterns in C - Part 5: Reactor

This final part of the patterns series steps outside the domain of standard C and investigates a pattern for event-driven applications. The REACTOR pattern decouples different responsibilities and allows applications to demultiplex and dispatch events from potentially many clients.

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The full source code is available here (zip, 13 kb).