Patterns in C - The Book

by Adam Tornhill, September 2012

Dear reader, I'm pleased to announce my first book, Patterns in C. Patterns in C is a collection of idioms, design and architectural patterns in the C programming language. The book highlights the value of patterns. In the right context, patterns serve as an excellent tool for communication and reasoning. The book provides a C programmer with techniques to benefit from the growing body of knowledge captured in patterns.

The book focuses on implementation techniques, design principles and discussions of different trade-offs. Patterns in C includes implementations of well-known patterns from the seminal Design Patterns book (Gamma, et al). The book continues beyond Design Patterns and provides an in-depth discussion of the architectural pattern REACTOR from the Pattern-Oriented Software Architecture series (Buschmann, et al). In addition, I provide a collection of idioms specific to the C language.

Patterns in C is based on an article series I published in ACCU's magazine Cvu (some of the original articles are available here). In this new book I tried to keep much of the original content. To provide additional value the book offers new reflections as introductions to each pattern. These brand new introductions reflect some of the experience I've gained since the original publication. I hope to shed some new light on the patterns, the principles behind and their practical applicability.

Patterns in C is available as an e-book in different formats. You can read a free sample on the book's homepage and view more detailed information on Patterns in C.

I hope you enjoy it.

Patterns in C - the book